2 Weeks In

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Today was my first day of classes here at ENsad, or as I found out the locals call it “Art Deco.”
It also happens to stand as my 2-week mark here in the land of love. I haven’t blogged since the first day I arrived and I think it’s because I have had so many emotions flying around like baguette-swords in a face-off between two petit Parisians. (Did you follow that……?) Paris is an amazingly beautiful place, where perhaps the old French women are NOT as nice as I would like them to be…. but the croissants are MORE plentiful than I even imagined (AND AMAZING.) Generally speaking, I am a person who thrives off of others energy; I need plenty of attention and I love strangers, but I was plopped down in a place for a full ten days before school started where I was by myself 87 percent of the time, and whereas I can speak to almost anyone in the States, I become so non-characteristically nervous to parler with people in France. It’s been a treacherous journey, and I can’t even explain how frustrated I become when I don’t know ANYTHING, and even more so when I can’t speak my way out of the problems I find myself in. The other day I found myself in a restroom where the doors had ambiguous photos on the doors and I couldn’t dare say which one belonged to which sex- I felt like Spongebob in his sojourn out of Bikini Bottom (judge me)… waiting for someone to come out so I could tell where I belong. I am only just beginning to feel like I have ANY idea where the hell I am, or what I am supposed to be doing…. so here’s to the next 4 months, and to my waistline with the amount of cheese I have inhaled.