As I continue on this path of learning new things every day; this delicious and nutritious post is more about being a magician in the kitchen (pronounced ma-ghi-shin-in-da-kitch-shin).  I like being healthy, and surprising people with things that sound gross and taste good.  Here we go.

I don’t bake.  I always end up eating too much of the batter amidst the process and by the time it is put in the oven there’s nothing left and I’ve got a mean case of salmonella.

However, I saw a recipe for black bean brownies and my love for the magical fruit far surpassed my disdain for the apron-wearing habit so my little sister and I gave this recipe a try.

Pulse it

Step 1. Well, the first step is to use the link above because this isn’t really a tutorial… just how things went for me.

Step 2.  Pulverize the beans.  This picture is indeed of the beginning of my brownie mix and not a pile of mud we scooped from the tremendous amounts of rain we have had here in the tri-state.  I can promise you… it doesn’t smell like brownies either.  But keep going, it gets better!!


{(This image isn’t for a step… but just so you can see how cool my 1970’s food processor is.)}

pour batter pour batter finger nails

Step 3. The pouring of the batter. See! Look how yummy it looks!!! I will admit. I was skeptical….

cute smelling batter

so I put my fingers in it to make sure it was normal…

in the oven

Step 4.  Put those boogers in the oven.  You will notice, we have this awesome “all-corners” pan that makes all the sides a little crunchy and way-more- delicious.  At this point  I am hoping this applies to legume-made desserts as well…

cut up

Step 5. Cut in to very even pieces like I accomplished so well^

 abbi eatings

Step 6. Enjoy!

I know my sister (Abbi) is grimacing here, but that’s just because that’s the only way she knows how to eat…. they were actually really yummy and I suggest you make some yourself and invite me over. I’ll bring icecream 🙂