February is Heart Month!

It’s heart month!!!!  Hearts are hella-cool organs–by the end of your life it may have beat 3.5 BILLION TIMES.  That little organ in the middle of your chest pumps 100 gallons of blood through your body EVERY HOUR.  Simply incredible, and sounds like a lot of work,  so you’ve got to take care of that guy.

If you’re feeling the after affects of your Super Bowl chow-down, take a hint from those big ol’ men on the field- put on some tight pants- and get active.  Here at design school we aren’t known for our sporty lifestyles-we are busy dip-dying curtains or whatever…- We are, however, known for looking pretty hip, well usually.  According to Mindy Kaling, my guru for all things, (and some other really smart gals) getting dressed to work out, even way before you work out, helps get you in the mind set to hit the gym.  So we’ve gotten in the mode to wear our sexiest sweats to schoolio.  So pump some iron to keep your blood-pumper pumped up.  (what?)

ALSO- some tunes related to hearts, since, why not.

February is Heart Month!

Slim + Shady

Sometimes Monday’s need a little oomph to get ya’ going.  I pretend I am Eminem when I need to –Lose Myself– in my work. Here are the things Marshall Mathers and I have in common:

  • Cool glasses
  • We are both slim + shady
  • We both like bagels. (Probably).
  • We were both in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (this weekend).
  • We’re from the Midwest.

This is how I dress up like him to really get in the mood. My mom said I look like a cat burglar, which by the way is someone who enters by climbing to an upper story, so she must think im limber.

Slim + Shady


I’m aware that some of my friends (I’m looking at your on the West Coast) consider us here in Ohio as a flyover state, or one large farm, or maybe just as a bunch of Ohio-state-and-Lebron-worshipping-droolers.  Yay sports!  As small as our simple state may be, this weekend was my first ever venture to the North Coast (Rock and Roll Capital, yay music!)

Although the middle of January may not have been the ideal time for such a venture, it was still a quality time.  I tried a Happy Dog with a questionable yet delicious combo of peanutbutter, “alien relish”, and Sriracha; beaucoup tater tots with even more sauces, and 15 probiotics.

– The Museum of Contemporary Arts was in between galleries, but entertained us long enough to regain feeling in our fingers.

– Case Western’s Frank Gehry building was cute, (not as cute as ours, go bearcats!)                                                                   – The Cleveland Museum of Art was super badass and also had outlets for my tweeny sister to charge her snapchatting machine.

– The Rock and Roll Hallf of Fame blew my mind, and made me want to go spin records for hours.  (See: Paul Simon says Graceland is his best song, I don’t disagree)

– My Great Uncle turned 90.  I asked him for advice on a happy life, he said “Love More.”  Dig that.

All this Rock and Roll made me realize how much I’ve been in to Rocks and Rolls lately.  I know.  But seriously.  I’ve been drooling over so many random rocks, in the forms of earrings and bidding on book ends (take away the wine…).  And realized I had 3 layers of rolled arms on last night.  Because what isn’t sophisticated-fun about rolling up your sleeves and playing in the ground (or ebay)?

rock and roll

1. Don’t outbid me, I swear. 2 + 3.  Somewhere between this khaki-wearing babe and this hipster man, I roll. (ha?)
4. LOVE this Etsy shop from OHIO that gives back!

Peace, love, rock and roll!!



Midwestern Lovin

So, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I thought I’d put some posts together on how I plan on attracting some top tier talent.

1. Dress to Impress

combo layers

This look is what I call “layers of love.”  What man (or woman for that matter) doesn’t want to find out what kind of interesting stuff is lurking under there.  I’d like to believe men, as rational as they are said to be, would appreciate this affective way of staying warm in frigid Ohio weather.  This screams, “I’m an independant woman and can stay warm on my own.”  Hot.

P.S. Don’t forget the frames.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

((but really I love this jacket so much..unfortunately the shop doesn’t make them anymore, but I love this one if you want similar frump-de-lump allure)


Midwestern Lovin