A good friend of mine recently left the queen city to go to school on a vineyard.  He has a blog that I don’t think is that funny but I laugh at to humor him and hopefully get free concert tickets out of it occasionally…


He actually is really funny, but maybe too smart for my blonde brain. Check it out here—>–>->>—->>

Anyway, I am taking from his book and leaving for a less glamorous place across the pond in a little less than a month.  He thought it was necessary to make a bucket list of all the things you can only do in the Queen City, for instance, I know where I am headed I don’t need two hands to count all the places I need to get hot dogs.


(-) chicken + waffles at taste of belgium.

(-) see Jay Lame sing karaoke

(-) party at Jordan Keller’s brand spanking new apartment in the beer district

(-) pedal wagon

(-) swim in a pool of skyline cheese

(-) splash through Washington Park. This is serious, please contact me if you are willing to partake.

(-) finish Atlas Shrugged for it will not fit in my already overcrowded Samsonite

(-) Eli’s and have one truly effin’ American meal

If you feel the need to be reminded of what I look like before I venture afar with a one way ticket, you’ll find me at one of these fine places.

Zobacz nigdy


Zie je nooit

Ens veiem mai