CHANNELING: José González

I’d like to marry this man.  Something about his voice and gentle strumming of his guitar puts me at ease unlike any other musician.  I’m also positive that seeing him play with Junip at Bonnaroo a few years back changed my life.

Also, he’s Swedish, which is Sweet-ish.  Stop it

Might I suggest for your listening pleasures:

Solo–Down the Line, Heartbeats

Junip– Without You, Your Life Your Call and Line of Fire, which are a pair of music videos, super creepy and awesome, surrounding an old man’s relationship choices.  oOoooOoooOOo

These here drawings are what happened when I listened to the above (+ some) Jose/Junip play for an hour in my earbuds.

jose gonzalezBWjose gonzalezPINK


CHANNELING: José González