As I continue on this path of learning new things every day; this delicious and nutritious post is more about being a magician in the kitchen (pronounced ma-ghi-shin-in-da-kitch-shin).  I like being healthy, and surprising people with things that sound gross and taste good.  Here we go.

I don’t bake.  I always end up eating too much of the batter amidst the process and by the time it is put in the oven there’s nothing left and I’ve got a mean case of salmonella.

However, I saw a recipe for black bean brownies and my love for the magical fruit far surpassed my disdain for the apron-wearing habit so my little sister and I gave this recipe a try.

Pulse it

Step 1. Well, the first step is to use the link above because this isn’t really a tutorial… just how things went for me.

Step 2.  Pulverize the beans.  This picture is indeed of the beginning of my brownie mix and not a pile of mud we scooped from the tremendous amounts of rain we have had here in the tri-state.  I can promise you… it doesn’t smell like brownies either.  But keep going, it gets better!!


{(This image isn’t for a step… but just so you can see how cool my 1970’s food processor is.)}

pour batter pour batter finger nails

Step 3. The pouring of the batter. See! Look how yummy it looks!!! I will admit. I was skeptical….

cute smelling batter

so I put my fingers in it to make sure it was normal…

in the oven

Step 4.  Put those boogers in the oven.  You will notice, we have this awesome “all-corners” pan that makes all the sides a little crunchy and way-more- delicious.  At this point  I am hoping this applies to legume-made desserts as well…

cut up

Step 5. Cut in to very even pieces like I accomplished so well^

 abbi eatings

Step 6. Enjoy!

I know my sister (Abbi) is grimacing here, but that’s just because that’s the only way she knows how to eat…. they were actually really yummy and I suggest you make some yourself and invite me over. I’ll bring icecream 🙂


better with age

Each year, on the 3rd Sunday of each month between April and October a bunch of people bring their old pens, poker chips, and other paraphernalia to the Burlington Antique Show just 15 miles south of Cincinnati! WOooO!

Long time friend (lover?) Christopher Tassone, much better known as Critty, and Jordan ((if you haven’t seen her on this blog yet, read some older posts!!)) took the treacherous journey to the blue grass state with me to check out the garb.

I, of course, asked Crit some very personal questions before we headed south….

2013-05-19 21.02.17 2013-05-19 21.02.49

(Bonus points if anyone knows who Maurice Blondel is.)

((he thought it said Ale, not Age… my bad))

Critty was smitten with a 1994 Zinzinnati poster that he haggled a very nice lady to 15 dollars, which I think is a very reasonable price for such a gem!

Jordan, gazed in to the magic ball, as we learned, to find the husband of her future, as spinsters in the olden days also did.  Fellas, if you want to save her from the cat-lady life, let me know. She likes mint chocolate chip milkshakes.

better with age


There aren’t any half-naked girls in this post, but there is some oil.

Oil pastels that is. Yes. I went there.

I am studying interior design (have I said that a 87 times?) and I have some serious interest in textile design.  That being said, I know nothing about designing textiles. Or design. Ha.

What I do know how to do is doodle. I have had this set of oil pastels collecting dust on my shelf for a bitsky and decided today was the day it needed to be broken out and played with.  Since I am sort of expediting my learning process with these 30 things, these are just a few examples of what  I came up with.