The Headband Behind the business

Recently  I chatted with my good friend Morgan Busam as she made some really cool life changing decisions….she bought her first love, M. Hopple, an awesome stationery store that makes me want people to give me gifts so I can send them Thank You notes.

You can check out the Cincinnati Enquirer Post on her here but I got some other information out of her about the big move:

lizzi and morgan florence

Helllllo Morgan!! Wish we were in Florence right now^^

SO for people who don’t know you… tell me a little bit about yourself! Where did you go to Uni and what do you think the biggest life lesson you learned in going there?

I went to the land of frats, sororities, and partying aka DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. Best liberal arts college out there!
The biggest life lesson I learn at DePauw was that not everyone is going to like me and that’s okay. I’m not a hundred dollar bill. I can’t save the world. And I have flaws. I’m comfortable with myself and I’m not changing to please others. I have some solid friends, like you Liz, who love me just the way I am. For me– that’s all a girl could ever want!

How many times a day do you check instagram?

If I’m not sending selfies on snapchat I’m prob checking my Instagram… So most likely 4-7x a day.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the coolest thing to have monogrammed?

Ohhhhh my gosh!! The possibilities are endless. But I think my first purchase would have to be to buy a huge sailboat yacht and get a gigantic pink, navy &                   tangerine pattern monogram stitched right in the middle of the mast. Talk about awesome!!

What’s your favorite part about moving back to Cincinnati?

Usually I would say endless graeters and busken runs, but I’m dairy free now so that is a huge buzz kill. So I guess I will have to settle for just being back with              my family. Lame answer I know but I have a pretty awesome family and they are all here in Cinci so it’s great to be back and able to hit up Sunday family                       dinners or  go to Reds games during the week.

Why should people use stationary more often?

I hate to break it to ya but remember as a kid when your mom always nagged you to write thank you notes to everyone and anyone you interacted with? Well—-           she was right. In today’s world the personal, handwritten note stands out amongst any digital message or computer printed mail piece you send out. Emails can be deleted in 2 seconds with a bad subject line, printed direct mail gets tossed in the trash as soon as you watch into your house, but a pretty hand addressed  envelope with a great three sentence note stays on the counter or the desk for at least a week.
Over the years, I learned that every painful hand cramp and nasty tasting stamp I had to lick was worth it. People remember me and often comment on how nice it was of me to write them a thank you note or send them a birthday card. Plus come on, I know everyone gets excited to receive actually meaningful mail these     days.

If someone wanted to be a part of your new team, what’s the best way to make a good impression?

A firm handshake with great eye contact and a smile as they introduce themselves. You are there to sell yourself to me.. Shake my hand with self pride. If you         can’t shake my hand with confidence, how are you going to make interact with our customers. Customer service is huge and you have to be confident in yourself to make the client feel at ease.

If you wrote an autobiography today, what would it be called?

Mine would probably be something like “coloring outside the lines: a true life story of spontaneous adventures, careless mistakes, and endless passion. “

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

My headbands! Anthropologies are my personal favorites.

Three words to describe myself:

Sassy, Confident, Talkative

Love it. Go grab some awesome stuff from my lady friend!


The Headband Behind the business


A good friend of mine recently left the queen city to go to school on a vineyard.  He has a blog that I don’t think is that funny but I laugh at to humor him and hopefully get free concert tickets out of it occasionally…


He actually is really funny, but maybe too smart for my blonde brain. Check it out here—>–>->>—->>

Anyway, I am taking from his book and leaving for a less glamorous place across the pond in a little less than a month.  He thought it was necessary to make a bucket list of all the things you can only do in the Queen City, for instance, I know where I am headed I don’t need two hands to count all the places I need to get hot dogs.


(-) chicken + waffles at taste of belgium.

(-) see Jay Lame sing karaoke

(-) party at Jordan Keller’s brand spanking new apartment in the beer district

(-) pedal wagon

(-) swim in a pool of skyline cheese

(-) splash through Washington Park. This is serious, please contact me if you are willing to partake.

(-) finish Atlas Shrugged for it will not fit in my already overcrowded Samsonite

(-) Eli’s and have one truly effin’ American meal

If you feel the need to be reminded of what I look like before I venture afar with a one way ticket, you’ll find me at one of these fine places.

Zobacz nigdy


Zie je nooit

Ens veiem mai


better with age

Each year, on the 3rd Sunday of each month between April and October a bunch of people bring their old pens, poker chips, and other paraphernalia to the Burlington Antique Show just 15 miles south of Cincinnati! WOooO!

Long time friend (lover?) Christopher Tassone, much better known as Critty, and Jordan ((if you haven’t seen her on this blog yet, read some older posts!!)) took the treacherous journey to the blue grass state with me to check out the garb.

I, of course, asked Crit some very personal questions before we headed south….

2013-05-19 21.02.17 2013-05-19 21.02.49

(Bonus points if anyone knows who Maurice Blondel is.)

((he thought it said Ale, not Age… my bad))

Critty was smitten with a 1994 Zinzinnati poster that he haggled a very nice lady to 15 dollars, which I think is a very reasonable price for such a gem!

Jordan, gazed in to the magic ball, as we learned, to find the husband of her future, as spinsters in the olden days also did.  Fellas, if you want to save her from the cat-lady life, let me know. She likes mint chocolate chip milkshakes.

better with age