I generally eat pretty healthy stuff.  Spinach and strawberry slushies for breakfast, brussel sprouts by the pound, and whatever else is trendy that I I’ll jump on the bandwagon for.

However………. I’ve been on a straight Klondike binge lately……


I can’t help but think they are the perfect dessert for these reasons:

  • It’s basically “supporting local”  because until 1970 they were only available in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and to this day all Klondike bars are created in Mansfield, Ohio.
  • In 1982 they launched their “what would you do-o-o-o for a Klondike Bar” slogan,  years before they had any idea how hashtaggable this is…
  • Kanye loves them…And although Yeezus was recently STRONGLY petitioned to be removed from Glastonbury’s 2015 lineup… his support of the chocolatey goodness is enough for me.

If you were wondering what I would do for one?  It might be a more personal conversation.


Eat up chums!


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