February is Heart Month!

It’s heart month!!!!  Hearts are hella-cool organs–by the end of your life it may have beat 3.5 BILLION TIMES.  That little organ in the middle of your chest pumps 100 gallons of blood through your body EVERY HOUR.  Simply incredible, and sounds like a lot of work,  so you’ve got to take care of that guy.

If you’re feeling the after affects of your Super Bowl chow-down, take a hint from those big ol’ men on the field- put on some tight pants- and get active.  Here at design school we aren’t known for our sporty lifestyles-we are busy dip-dying curtains or whatever…- We are, however, known for looking pretty hip, well usually.  According to Mindy Kaling, my guru for all things, (and some other really smart gals) getting dressed to work out, even way before you work out, helps get you in the mind set to hit the gym.  So we’ve gotten in the mode to wear our sexiest sweats to schoolio.  So pump some iron to keep your blood-pumper pumped up.  (what?)

ALSO- some tunes related to hearts, since, why not.

February is Heart Month!

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