Current Obsession: Rifle Paper and Co.

I’ve been bopping and doodling around my good friend’s stationery store (check it out!) and am a kid in a candy store over some of the stuff that is popping up in the printed goods industry.  You guys.  NOTHING can replace a handwritten note.  I tell ya.

My most obvious and recurring obsession is Rifle Paper and Co.  It is befuddling to me because their stuff is super cute.  Not a word I would ever use to define the things I am generally attracted to. (see: I don’t love puppies as much as you want me to.  sorry, I know your dog is adorable. )  That being said, I’m totally hooked on their floral arrangements and whimsical cityscapes.  Not to mention the couple behind the brand started in their garage just four and a half years ago, and are blowing up.  Things that start in garages are just better.

Here are the things I need if you want to send them to me.

rifle paper and co collection

1.  Woodblock Grocery Lists.  Because you know it takes me 4 hours to grocery shop if I don’t get organized.

2.  Cities Coasters.

3.  Gold Flower Temporary Tattoos. 

4.  Hey Girl! Postcard (Please include love letter.)

5.  Monsters in the Bushes Art Print. Yes.


Current Obsession: Rifle Paper and Co.

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