Good Vibe Tribe

Hi friends! I am so excited, I was invited on a Global Village trip with Habitat for Humanity in  Casablanca, Chile to build homes for families with disabled children so that the families can be reunited in their new home.  I am super pumped for the opportunity, and in good fun for it, I am going to have an art show to celebrate.  I have asked quite a few people who I am inspired by/call friends/enjoy their art to create something interesting based on a word I gave them, and I will be posting those here for everyone to see.  Yay!  The first art piece is mine truly, and the inspiration is “Good Vibe Tribe” — my general motto in life, and the all-encompassing idea behind the people who are helping me out with this.  Woo!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.04.18 PM


That being said, I also made these super-chic t-shirts and you can purchase one here to help me get to those children’s homes!  You never looked so good.





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