Happy February!

Clearly I am a few days late in welcoming this wondrous month, but with it’s decidedly impractical 2/3 days less than every other month, and not to mention it’s treacherous spelling, I don’t even feel bad about it.  January and February were the last months to be added to the Roman calendar since they considered the winter to be a “monthless” period and since I am so in tune with history, I blame them for my procrastination.

If you have ever lived through a February before, you might remember that they are a hellish 28 days to get through with too much slush to walk though and too much mush between cutie-mcbooty-coupley-pies.  However, there are plenty of great things that happen in Feb like watching men in tight pants fight after a lemon-shaped ball 1/250th of their weight (did you know footballs weigh 14-15 oz: fascinating), groundhogs named Phil tell us how global warming is a farce, and some smart-ass somewhere placed National Condom Day on Feb 14th (get your partner a box of the strawberry flavored ones and knock out celibating (funny typo)  with one wrapper?)

New York Fashion week brings a whole lotta fun to February… you can watch the runways here unless you were one of the select few who were chosen to decorate the aisles.  I prefer the men’s shows since I *oops* accidentally missed the SuperBowl and enjoy my men in tight pants to also have a stellar pair of shades on.

To keep warm I suggest the Restoration Hardware blanket that will keep your toes attached to your body, a lot of jalapenos + Sriracha, and to take advantage of all the “end-of-season” ((that’s not what Phil said!!) online shopping deals.





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