The Headband Behind the business

Recently  I chatted with my good friend Morgan Busam as she made some really cool life changing decisions….she bought her first love, M. Hopple, an awesome stationery store that makes me want people to give me gifts so I can send them Thank You notes.

You can check out the Cincinnati Enquirer Post on her here but I got some other information out of her about the big move:

lizzi and morgan florence

Helllllo Morgan!! Wish we were in Florence right now^^

SO for people who don’t know you… tell me a little bit about yourself! Where did you go to Uni and what do you think the biggest life lesson you learned in going there?

I went to the land of frats, sororities, and partying aka DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. Best liberal arts college out there!
The biggest life lesson I learn at DePauw was that not everyone is going to like me and that’s okay. I’m not a hundred dollar bill. I can’t save the world. And I have flaws. I’m comfortable with myself and I’m not changing to please others. I have some solid friends, like you Liz, who love me just the way I am. For me– that’s all a girl could ever want!

How many times a day do you check instagram?

If I’m not sending selfies on snapchat I’m prob checking my Instagram… So most likely 4-7x a day.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the coolest thing to have monogrammed?

Ohhhhh my gosh!! The possibilities are endless. But I think my first purchase would have to be to buy a huge sailboat yacht and get a gigantic pink, navy &                   tangerine pattern monogram stitched right in the middle of the mast. Talk about awesome!!

What’s your favorite part about moving back to Cincinnati?

Usually I would say endless graeters and busken runs, but I’m dairy free now so that is a huge buzz kill. So I guess I will have to settle for just being back with              my family. Lame answer I know but I have a pretty awesome family and they are all here in Cinci so it’s great to be back and able to hit up Sunday family                       dinners or  go to Reds games during the week.

Why should people use stationary more often?

I hate to break it to ya but remember as a kid when your mom always nagged you to write thank you notes to everyone and anyone you interacted with? Well—-           she was right. In today’s world the personal, handwritten note stands out amongst any digital message or computer printed mail piece you send out. Emails can be deleted in 2 seconds with a bad subject line, printed direct mail gets tossed in the trash as soon as you watch into your house, but a pretty hand addressed  envelope with a great three sentence note stays on the counter or the desk for at least a week.
Over the years, I learned that every painful hand cramp and nasty tasting stamp I had to lick was worth it. People remember me and often comment on how nice it was of me to write them a thank you note or send them a birthday card. Plus come on, I know everyone gets excited to receive actually meaningful mail these     days.

If someone wanted to be a part of your new team, what’s the best way to make a good impression?

A firm handshake with great eye contact and a smile as they introduce themselves. You are there to sell yourself to me.. Shake my hand with self pride. If you         can’t shake my hand with confidence, how are you going to make interact with our customers. Customer service is huge and you have to be confident in yourself to make the client feel at ease.

If you wrote an autobiography today, what would it be called?

Mine would probably be something like “coloring outside the lines: a true life story of spontaneous adventures, careless mistakes, and endless passion. “

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

My headbands! Anthropologies are my personal favorites.

Three words to describe myself:

Sassy, Confident, Talkative

Love it. Go grab some awesome stuff from my lady friend!


The Headband Behind the business


Happy February!

Clearly I am a few days late in welcoming this wondrous month, but with it’s decidedly impractical 2/3 days less than every other month, and not to mention it’s treacherous spelling, I don’t even feel bad about it.  January and February were the last months to be added to the Roman calendar since they considered the winter to be a “monthless” period and since I am so in tune with history, I blame them for my procrastination.

If you have ever lived through a February before, you might remember that they are a hellish 28 days to get through with too much slush to walk though and too much mush between cutie-mcbooty-coupley-pies.  However, there are plenty of great things that happen in Feb like watching men in tight pants fight after a lemon-shaped ball 1/250th of their weight (did you know footballs weigh 14-15 oz: fascinating), groundhogs named Phil tell us how global warming is a farce, and some smart-ass somewhere placed National Condom Day on Feb 14th (get your partner a box of the strawberry flavored ones and knock out celibating (funny typo)  with one wrapper?)

New York Fashion week brings a whole lotta fun to February… you can watch the runways here unless you were one of the select few who were chosen to decorate the aisles.  I prefer the men’s shows since I *oops* accidentally missed the SuperBowl and enjoy my men in tight pants to also have a stellar pair of shades on.

To keep warm I suggest the Restoration Hardware blanket that will keep your toes attached to your body, a lot of jalapenos + Sriracha, and to take advantage of all the “end-of-season” ((that’s not what Phil said!!) online shopping deals.





The (NOT) Happiness Project

I like to read books so that I look smart in the subway, make myself feel smarter when I am reading 8 million ways to be SUPER HOT in Cosmo, or so that I can pretend J.K. Rowling isn’t my favorite author on my OkCupid bio. Which… WTF JK, you are ruining love for me during this steamy month?

My latest read was “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  I was ready to be full of interesting new things to talk about on my next OkCupid date, but alas, my next suitor will think I’m a cynical robot because I HATE THIS BOOK.  I don’t know how I got through it, when she says things like, “Over the course of the month, I noticed that a frequent subject of my negative comments was Eliza’s [her daughter] hair.”  She spends at least 2 pages speaking about how her 7-year-old daughter won’t brush her hair. Is that real?

I treacherously got through the book and decided to check Amazon to see if other people were pissed they spent 7.98 on this stupid novel.  THEY WEREN’T. People are thrilled with this book! However, there were some very angry people just like me who did even more research and found out that this Gretchen Rubin is married to a man who is worth billions of dollars.  No wonder she is upset with her daughters’ hair.

Don’t read the book. 


The (NOT) Happiness Project


I’ve had this conversation plenty of times with my assorted manly friends: please explain to me why you are constantly touching your man parts. How is it even remotely acceptable that the male species can put their hands down their pants at any given time and “re-arrange” or whatever the hell it is they are doing?  If I walked around with my hands in my bra all day… first of all I’d have to be wearing a bra, and secondly it would probably make it look like I actually have boobs, so on second thought maybe I should just try that in response to man-scratching….

ANYWAY, I finally figured it out.  Men don’t have split ends. I hate to blog about my hair more often than I need to, but let’s face it, I’ve got a headful of locks that add 5 lbs to my weight, so there are plenty of unruly ends that lead me to hours of amusement peeling them apart. I feel bad for men everywhere who can’t indulge in this really bad habit. Image

If you don’t see these and immediately want to pull them apart then I don’t believe anything you say, ever.

So, as my gift to society, I am selling my split ends to men everywhere to help them quit their pick-pocket problems. Stop playing with your balls, and start playing with my hair (after you wash your hands). You’re welcome.