A Long Way Down- Nick Hornby

I have to say I was every bit intrigued when my friend suggested this novel, explaining it was about 4 strangers who find themselves instantly bonded to each other over one tiny little detail- they were going to jump off the same building.

Each chapter is from the viewpoint of a different character, which tends to be an interesting way to set up books… but why do authors continue to feel the need to write in the worst grammar possible when trying to portray young characters?  I like to believe that we aren’t all just pounding on our keyboards waiting to see what kewl new abbrev shows up… but what do I know?

All in all, I really only kept turning the pages to see if something of interest would show up, because for the most part I found it to banal.  That being said, the point of the story was probably just that; the characters were learning to live with the day to day of their existences, and how to make that something worth waking up for.  I’d offer it to a friend to read, but maybe wouldn’t suggest paying the 10 bucks they are asking for on amazon.


A Long Way Down- Nick Hornby

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