La mode

I woke up with every intention of finding a French phone today (since I have beaucoup friends who want to get in contact with me…) I looked up where to go and kind of thought I knew where I was going… which if you are reading this, you have probably been lost with me before…The humor in this all is that without a phone to get directions I’m like a wandering pup with it’s tongue swaying in the wind. That being said: I did not find the phone place.
I did find myself in between Chanel and Harry Winston. I swear I didn’t plan this.
There are a couple of things thus far that I find puzzling;
-the street names are in French on the buildings and hard for my American eyes to find
-the Canadian embassy is the only embassy on the same street as Dior, Fendi, and YSL. How did that happen.



La mode

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