Here marks the day that I make my trek to Paris to gain the ranks of thousands of over zealous college students as a “study abroad” kid.

As my head is literally in the clouds I can’t help but hone in on how I got here; I can assure you that it has been quite the journey. 4 score and 9 years ago I started taking French at Ursuline Academy where my only real recollection is of a story I made up about a cat and dog that had a bébé. I continued on to study at the University of South Carolina (go cocks!) for international business…But figured out…. After two years…. That accounting/finance/whatever you business majors do ( ❤ ) isn't my ish! So, as any self respecting 20 year old would do- I transferred to DAAP to do interior design. Still trying to figure that switch out myself but hey, it works.

So as it were, I'm en route the city of lights where I will be an exchange student at this dubious place
I’ll be there until I seduce at least one professor— or until January 30th for school. The plan is to trick someone there to hire me for the next semester of co-op, but who knows what’s ahead of me… One thing I can promise is that it’s going to be messy and hot. Just like me on leg one of my journey when my carry-on broke all its straps and I had to pretend I was creative (!) and use some belts to re-do it…. Paris chic y’all.

Follow me on my journey, paix et amour!


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