Day 1.
My flight landed at 9 am and I am finally where I need to be at 2:15. I’m not even really sure how I got here besides a miracle or some sort of otherly being. I’ve been totting along 2 suitcases and a “weekend bag” which you may recall, I broke yesterday. You can imagine that I may have some bit of a handicap so I was more than an hour late to where I was supposed to meet Pedro, and my phone doesn’t work so I sat down outside the train and honesty wanted I cry because my hands were so callused and I had no clue where the heck I was going. But, I got up and somehow ran in to two extremely friendly police women who helped me find wifi, which got me to the text from Pedro with where I should go.
I’m thankful, and tired.

Avec l’amour


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