quit ya yappin’

Hey babes and babettes, I’m here again to quarrel my only 3 frands in the whole wide world to bring you some audibly pleasing bits of time.

The theme of the week is sans vocals, for those times when you need to ACTUALLY get shit done instead of just pretending…

Hunter brought to the table some classics, as always, including:

  • Holographic Universe- Thievery Corporation
  • Moby Dick- Led Zeppelin
  • Fish- Tyler the Creator and BADBADNOTGOOD

Brianna Buckingham, Broonsasa, a lover of all vibrations, contributed some goodies, she told me to pick between the Nightmares on Wax songs but they are just all so good….

  • La Femme D’argent- Air
  • Morse and You Wish- Nightmares on Wax
  • Groovy Gravy- Bill Cosby and Quincy Jones
  • Tearin’ It Up- Gramatik
  • Sabrosa- Beastie Boys

Joe Egbers, although probably one of the smartest humans I know, wasn’t taught what “without words” means to complete his CPA (love ya babe)

  • Ghostland Observatory- Give Me The Beat
  • Boombox- Headstrong
  • So Precise- Paper Diamonds
quit ya yappin’

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