Have you been sitting up wondering what I was going to learn today?

Are you absurdly attracted to what is happening up there^^^??

Me too!!!!

Hearts are important.  We use them for pumping blood and loving puppies, and also for writing songs about {[(BUY THIS tunage)]} spoiler alert- it’s not demi lovato, it’s much better.

Anyway, I live in a girl-tank full of talented babes who I am sure will teach me some valuable lessons in the weeks to come….

One of them is this lovely nurse to be, Paige.


I asked her a couple of questions so I could know what she was thinking about when she took people’s blood pressure at work.


Then…she taught me how to listen to the heart. Beautiful, really.

Ignore our swimsuits. It was nice out.

securing band


Erika’s blood pressure is 118/62 in case you were wondering.

She suggests lots of cucumbers and BudLight Platinums to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

Until tomorrow, keep those hearts-a-beatin’.



No…this isn’t my rendition of Starry Night. Love ya van gogh.

I am the least domestic human on the planet.  Today’s goal? Poach an egg.  It was too easy for me to post how to do it because I’d be embarrassed that this was a feat.

It did, however, make our pizza egg-cellent.


eggs in cups floating egg me with egg pizza slice pizza wit egs swirly egg



Day 2.  Photograph OTR
I was born and raised here in the Queen City, and to this day when I go to bars or coffee shops or whatever in Over the Rhine, my momma says “it’s a jungle out there”.

Granted…she says that every time I leave the house.

Here’s what I know about OTR-
From my mother-                                                                  from the cats I attend school with-
it’s dangerous                                                                        it’s hip. (duh)
there are riots                                                                        there are raves
I need to put on more clothing when i go there                     I need to put on something wit a lil spunk

From school I know that our metropolis includes things such as the Roebling Bridge and the Ingall’s building that put Cincinnati

on the map in the early days as the “Paris” of America.  Who’d-a-thunk our little behind-the-times city was cool before Paris.

Why did the Hipster burn his tongue
He ate the pizza before it was cool.


Anyway, I’ve been talking about getting up and taking some pictoras of the historical district….

but I know little to nothing about taking pics.  

Here’s how it went…………

sweaty bar

quan happa drnks

pig ears

lackman door

lackman bar

jor gross face1

jor gross face 2

jor and claire bw

hughes color

girls walking across the street

frames men

corner shot

coffee emporium


may the first




Photo on 2012-09-03 at 19.15 #2

herreee we goaaahhh.

I have been talking about starting a blog for decades, mostly because I am self-centered and think what I am doing is far too interesting to not be documented for the rest of the world to see…..

I recently saw (heard?) a TED talk (clicky clicky) on challenging yourself to 30 days of something.  I’m not usually in to things like this, but as I am traveling to a cool new city (no), getting married (not even close), and having a mid-life crisis (very possible) now seems good as time as ever to start something new and weird and kewl.

The goal is to do something I’ve never done for (at least) the next 30 days and document it here.  For example, today’s was “create a really fascinating blog”.  One down, 29 to go. 

may the first