burn baby burn

I often come home from a long day of designing impressive things to my bed to find that my boyfriend has put out rose petals, bought me diamond earrings in an exotic shade of brown, and filled the room with hundreds of 60 dolla dyptyque candles.  (I get it, they smell GREAT, but that’s a lot of bones you are literally burning)

However, when my French boyfriend, Archambault, is adding to our extensive art collection in Paris, I am stuck home alone with cheetos, my velour pants, and dolla store candles.

FORTUNATELY, my brother taught me how to make my own today with some hot, hot, hot fragrance options.

I don’t even need you, Archambault.

If your facial-haired boyfriend has left you wanting more, here’s how you can make your life look more like mine!

Step 1. Collect your things.

  • Something for the wax to be kept in.  I got some glasses from Goodwill for 50 cents because I’m poor. But if you are feeling fancy, I’d dig pouring hot particles into these.
  • Regular wax for the bulk of the project.  Our’s came from Michaels.  It’s 20 bucks for the big block so make sure to get out your supa-coup-ons
  • Scented wax and/or essential oils of your choice
  • Wicks- decently important if you want your wax to have a purpose.
  • A pan that you most likely won’t be using for food in the future
  • A pan that ^that pan fits in (broiler system, if-you-will.
  • Straws, if you’ve got em, or just steal one from the starbucks you left in your car!

breaking the wax

Step 2. Break your wax into smaller particles so it can become a hunk-a-hunk-a-burning-love. We put ours in a plastic bag so when it broke it broke into something…..duh

wax in pot

Step 3. Boil some water in the larger of the pots and throw a chunk of wax into your smaller pot. Insert the smaller pot in to the larger pot, ours is nice because it has a handle that keeps it hooked on.  You need to be able to sort of jiggle it around, so figure that out.

flavored wax

Step 4.  At this point, you can add either the concentrated, scented wax you have purchased.  I got mine at Walmart. I know. Judge me.  We couldn’t find it anywhere else, alright?

I found that with the blocks of scent, a little goes a long way.  But on our second round, we used essential oils (sandalwood, yum) and a bit more was a bit better.

holding hte wicks2

Step 5.  When all the wax is melted, you will pour it into your votives.  First make sure that you have put the wick into the glass/tin/toilet basin that you are using.  You can see that I have encased the wick in a straw to keep it straight.  When you see the wax beginning to harden, you can just pull it up straight.  You can see my little sister struggling to keep it up with her bedazzled phalanges.

in ice colorStep 6. Place your votive/s in some ice to help it chill and harden faster so you can get to the fire part!  The only issue here is that, because of science, it can’t work perfectly.  The middle is going to divot, and people will be able to tell you didn’t buy these from Anthropologie.  So when you pour the wax in the first time, leave a little that can chill, and you can add that to the top later!!!!

final candleStep 7.  Find a vintage, hand-made plate like mine and throw your jewelry on it so you look chic.  Light it up and enjoy the serenity and smell!

Smell ya later!

burn baby burn

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