party tricks

I want everyone to think know that I am really cool.

My good friend, Knight Pressley, was concerned about my status in the party world and wanted to share with me a couple of things that would surely get me more friends. Yay!

Here are knight’s responses to my questions….

knight presley

He decided he wanted to ask me some too….


Now you know I named my secret identity Nikita. Can you blame me?

I am a beer snob.  This poses a petit problem when it comes to opening them, because compared to the Natty (nati?) lights we all drank in our lighter (ha) days, these more sophisticated expensive beers don’t come with their own handy twist-off lid. HOW DO YOU OPEN THEM!?!?!?

…..with a lighter

open bottle

I am realizing that I didn’t take a picture once I got the lid off.  I am new to this blog thing, cut me some slack.  This just gives you reason to buy me a beer at a bar, then I will show you my true talents!

The trick is in your less dominant hand creating some leverage.  When I had tried in my room by myself for 45 minutes no one was there to tell me.

Thanks Knight 🙂

Knight also bestowed information with me on rolling a cigarette. If you know me you are saying to yourself….Lizzi hates cigarettes.

But now that you know of Nikita… maybe she likes them.  Plus it’s cool to know how.

open ciggy

***we used the grinder to make the tobacco extra fine***

I still haven’t ever smoked a cigarette, but if I run in to a cranky Merlin in a forest one day who will only spare my life upon receiving a perfectly rolled heater?

I will live to see another day.

party tricks

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