Day 2.  Photograph OTR
I was born and raised here in the Queen City, and to this day when I go to bars or coffee shops or whatever in Over the Rhine, my momma says “it’s a jungle out there”.

Granted…she says that every time I leave the house.

Here’s what I know about OTR-
From my mother-                                                                  from the cats I attend school with-
it’s dangerous                                                                        it’s hip. (duh)
there are riots                                                                        there are raves
I need to put on more clothing when i go there                     I need to put on something wit a lil spunk

From school I know that our metropolis includes things such as the Roebling Bridge and the Ingall’s building that put Cincinnati

on the map in the early days as the “Paris” of America.  Who’d-a-thunk our little behind-the-times city was cool before Paris.

Why did the Hipster burn his tongue
He ate the pizza before it was cool.


Anyway, I’ve been talking about getting up and taking some pictoras of the historical district….

but I know little to nothing about taking pics.  

Here’s how it went…………

sweaty bar

quan happa drnks

pig ears

lackman door

lackman bar

jor gross face1

jor gross face 2

jor and claire bw

hughes color

girls walking across the street

frames men

corner shot

coffee emporium


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