Have you been sitting up wondering what I was going to learn today?

Are you absurdly attracted to what is happening up there^^^??

Me too!!!!

Hearts are important.  We use them for pumping blood and loving puppies, and also for writing songs about {[(BUY THIS tunage)]} spoiler alert- it’s not demi lovato, it’s much better.

Anyway, I live in a girl-tank full of talented babes who I am sure will teach me some valuable lessons in the weeks to come….

One of them is this lovely nurse to be, Paige.


I asked her a couple of questions so I could know what she was thinking about when she took people’s blood pressure at work.


Then…she taught me how to listen to the heart. Beautiful, really.

Ignore our swimsuits. It was nice out.

securing band


Erika’s blood pressure is 118/62 in case you were wondering.

She suggests lots of cucumbers and BudLight Platinums to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

Until tomorrow, keep those hearts-a-beatin’.


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