may the first




Photo on 2012-09-03 at 19.15 #2

herreee we goaaahhh.

I have been talking about starting a blog for decades, mostly because I am self-centered and think what I am doing is far too interesting to not be documented for the rest of the world to see…..

I recently saw (heard?) a TED talk (clicky clicky) on challenging yourself to 30 days of something.  I’m not usually in to things like this, but as I am traveling to a cool new city (no), getting married (not even close), and having a mid-life crisis (very possible) now seems good as time as ever to start something new and weird and kewl.

The goal is to do something I’ve never done for (at least) the next 30 days and document it here.  For example, today’s was “create a really fascinating blog”.  One down, 29 to go. 

may the first

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